Patsy's Research in Devon and Cornwall

The research work I have been doing in Devon and Cornwall, funded by the service user controlled organisation,, is now completed. Improving support for women with alcohol issues sought to discover what women with alcohol issues would find of most help, in addition to the services already on offer. I am writing reports currently for a variety of places, but meantime the Executive Summary is available here.

My organisation, Women’s Independent Alcohol Support (WIAS) is now seeking funding to set up the unanimously requested information and helpline, using a social approach. If anyone can recommend organisations in their area which use such an approach with alcohol issues please let me know at . Although we are nominally a SW organisation at present, we find that women from as far afield as Liverpool want to make contact with services with a non-12 Step approach, so please do let us know.

In my home city of Bristol we have now established Bristol Women’s Voice, to campaign and organise events and strategies to help women. We are focusing particularly on health and this year will be organising events looking at women’s mental health; body image; , women and alcohol; and domestic abuse. Together with my national involvement with INVOLVE, NSUN and NIP, and lay review work for the NIHR, I think I going to be quite busy. Link to Executive Summary pdf

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Sun 21 Dec 2014