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SPN regularly holds study days throughout the year. The presentations and discussions from these study days form the basis of the papers you will find here.

SPN speakers contribute to our events on a volunteer basis and we are incredibly indebted to them for their contributions including these papers. We therefore ask people distributing the study day papers to credit SPN and / or the author as relevant.

If you would like to mass distribute a paper, or use it at a conference, please contact spn@scie.org.uk prior to use.

Our papers are available to download from the website, and we have copies of later publications in hard copy, please email to check availability.

Whose Recovery is it Anyway?

SPN Paper 11: Whose Recovery is it Anyway?
Notes from a Joint SPN/SCIE/SOGIAG/DRE Programme Study day held on 16th October 2007.

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Whose Health, Whose Care, Whose Say

The opportunities and challenges of contemporary policy for people with complex mental health needs. Read more....

A report of the CSIP Eastern and SPN Joint Study Day - January 2007

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mental health needs of asylum seekers

SPN Paper 10: Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Immigration Detainees
Notes from Joint London Development Centre/SPN Study Day: 14th July 2006
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Reaching the Spirit

SPN Paper 9: Reaching the Spirit. Spirituality and Mental Health
Author: Peter Gilbert, Albert Persaud, Arthur Hawes et al
Notes from Study Day: April 4th 2006
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Work for Health?

SPN Paper 8: Work for Health?
Author: David Morris, Raza Griffiths, Don Boyle, Craig Bennett, Stuart Boyle, Mina Sassoon, Laura Lea, Richard Frost, Stephen Robinson, Ros Hatt, Sheila Barrett, Conny, Simon Francis.
Notes from SPN Study Day: 7 June 2005
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Women and Mental Health

SPN Paper 7: Women and Mental Health: Turning rhetoric into reality –sharing practice perspectives and strategies for action on women’s mental health
Author: K.Knowles, J.Copperman, Dr J.Williams, J.Goodman, G.Virdee, S.McNicholas, S.Carini, A.Linton-Abulu, Y.Christie, S.Plumb, J.Kalathil, F.Hill, R.Harding, R.Perkins, C.Shaw, M.Rice, J.Williams, Dr A.Gill, S.Waterhouse, J.Anderson et al
Notes from SPN Study Day: 2 March 2005
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Integrated health and social care

SPN Paper 6: Promoting social care perspectives within integrated mental health services.
Author: T. Gardener, P. Gilbert, A. Davis et al
Notes from SPN Study Day: 20 April 2004
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Child and adolescent mental health

SPN Paper 5: Falling through the gaps: Services for children and adolescent mental health.
Authors: R. Hetherington, Dr J.Trowell, S. Foster, B. Smith, K.Corbett et al, M. Diggins.
Notes from SPN Study Day: 24 October 2003
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Emancipatory Research

SPN Paper 4: Emancipatory Research: Where you stand affects your point of view.
Authors: J.Copperman, P.Ferns, J.Tew, F.Keating, J.Wallcraft, A.Sweeney, P.Alsop, H.Castillo, E.Hatzidimitriadou, A.Harris, T.Glynn, S.Wells et al
Notes from SPN Study Day: 12 June 2003
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Developing social models

SPN Paper 3: Start Making Sense. Developing Social Models to understand and work with mental distress.
Author: J.Tew, P.Beresford, S.Plumb, P.Ferns, J.Wallcraft, J.Williams, S.Carr
Notes from SPN Study Day: 11 November 2002
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What is the knowledge base?

SPN Paper 2: What is the knowledge base and where does it come from?
Author: Principal Paper by Maria Duggan
Notes from SPN Study Day: 1 May 2002
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Modernising the social model

SPN Paper 1: Modernising the Social Model in Mental Health.
Author: Maria Duggan with Andrew Cooper and Judy Foster.
Date: January 2002 reprinted April 2003
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Values and Methodologies

Authors: Jerry Tew, Nick Gould, Deian Abankwa, Helen Barnes, Peter Beresford, Sarah Carr, Jeanette Copperman, Shula Ramon, Diana Rose, Angela Sweeney and Louise Woodward.

Download the pdf file here.

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